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    • Ionizing Radiation Induces Stemness in Cancer Cells 

      Ghisolfi, Laura; Keates, Andrew C.; Hu, Xingwang; Lee, Dong-ki; Li, Chiang-Jia (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The cancer stem cell (CSC) model posits the presence of a small number of CSCs in the heterogeneous cancer cell population that are ultimately responsible for tumor initiation, as well as cancer recurrence and metastasis. ...
    • Targeting Cancer Gene Therapy with Magnetic Nanoparticles 

      Li, Charles; Keates, Andrew C.; Li, Linda (Impact Journals LLC, 2012)
      Recent advances in cancer genomics have opened up unlimited potential for treating cancer by directly targeting culprit genes. However, novel delivery methods are needed in order for this potential to be translated into ...