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    • Historiens de la philosophie et des sciences 

      Blair, Ann M. (Droz, 2003)
    • Humanist Methods in Natural Philosophy: The Commonplace Book 

      Blair, Ann M. (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992)
    • Introduction 

      Blair, Ann M. (2010)
      Like the special issue of 2007 (Archival Science 7:4, “Toward a Cultural History of Archives”), “In and Out of the Archives” showcases recent work by historians on the formation, organization and use of archives. The papers ...
    • Introduction 

      Blair, Ann M.; Milligan, Jennifer (Springer Nature, 2007)
      Archives -- collections of paper, books, and other substrates of information (some might say “memory”) and the institutions that house and manage these objects -- are subjects of a renewed and vital current critical ...
    • Introduction to Res Gestae, libri manent 

      Blair, Ann M. (Harvard University Library, 2004)
    • La persistance du latin comme langue de science à la fin de la Renaissance 

      Blair, Ann M. (Centre Alexandre Koyré, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 1996)
    • The Languages of Natural Philosophy in the Late Sixteenth Century: Bodin's Universae Naturae Theatrum and Its French Translation 

      Blair, Ann M. (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1994)
      A few months before his death in 1596, the celebrated political philosopher Jean Bodin published a little-known encyclopedia of natural philosophy, the Universae naturae theatrum. Composed as a dialogue between an ignorant ...
    • Le florilège latin comme point de comparaison 

      Blair, Ann M. (PERSEE Program, 2007)
    • Learning in the Life of a French Nobleman: Nicolas De Livre, Friend of Jean Bodin 

      Blair, Ann M.
      Starting with Donald Kelley's Foundations of Modern Historical Scholarship (1970), a number of important studies over the last thirty years have painted a rich picture of the cultural activities and self-conceptions of ...
    • Lectures on Ovid's Metamorphoses: The Class Notse of a Sixteenth-Century Paris Schoolboy 

      Blair, Ann M. (1989)
      The history of education, of its changing goals and methods, materials and social contexts, offers a fascinating study at the cross-section of intellectual, social and institutional history. In setting the context for and ...
    • Mediating Information 1450-1800 

      Blair, Ann M.; Stallybrass, Peter (University of Chicago Press, 2010)
      This chapter argues that the Enlightenment involved not so much a radical break with, but an inheritance of, established technologies for storing, organizing, and retrieving information. In the long history of information ...
    • Mediating Information, 1450–1800 

      Blair, Ann M.; Stallybrass, Peter (2010)
    • Mosaic Physics and the Search for a Pious Natural Philosophy in the Late Renaissance 

      Blair, Ann M. (University of Chicago Press, 2000)
      In the tense religious climate of the late Renaissance (ca. 1550-1650), traditional charges of impiety directed against Aristotle carried new weight. Many turned to alternative philosophical authorities in the search for ...
    • Natural Philosophy 

      Blair, Ann M. (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
      “Natural philosophy” is often used by European historians as an umbrella term to designate the study of nature before it can easily be identified with what we call “science” today, to avoid the modern and potentially ...
    • Natural Philosophy and the 'New Science' 

      Blair, Ann M. (Cambridge University Press, 1999)
      The studies by Marjorie Hope Nicolson, and others, of the impact of the 'new science' on seventeenth-century English literature assumed an unproblematic demarcation between science and literature. Since the 1950s this ...
    • Neo-Latin in North America 

      Blair, Ann M. (Brill, 2014)
      The Neo-Latin poetry and prose from North America have already been well surveyed. Drawing on recent historical work, I propose instead to study the place of Neo-Latin writing in the broader history of attitudes toward ...
    • Noël-Antoine Pluche as a Jansenist natural theologian 

      Blair, Ann M. (Informa UK Limited, 2016)
      Constance Blackwell introduced me to early modern histories of philosophy when I first met her some time around the 1993 publication of Giovanni Santinello's Models of the History of Philosophy vol.1. The notion of studying ...
    • Note Taking as an Art of Transmission 

      Blair, Ann (University of Chicago Press, 2004)
    • Organizations of Knowledge 

      Blair, Ann M. (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
      The "organization of knowledge" is a large and diffuse topic which can be studied at many different levels, ranging from the way an individual orders his or her understanding of the world privately or in publications, to ...
    • The Practices of Erudition According to Morhof 

      Blair, Ann M. (Harrassowitz, 2000)
      In approaching this topic, I have felt as if "I am entering an ocean where it is hard to find a port, and where the danger of shipwreck from rocks and sandbanks is great"i . I have come back from my venture with a trawl ...