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    • Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Dengue-Virus Entry 

      Schmidt, Aaron Gregory; Lee, Kyungae; Yang, Priscilla; Harrison, Stephen C. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Flavivirus envelope protein (E) mediates membrane fusion and viral entry from endosomes. A low-pH induced, dimer-to-trimer rearrangement and reconfiguration of the membrane-proximal "stem" of the E ectodomain draw together ...
    • Structural and Functional Dissection of Mif2p, a Conserved DNA-binding Kinetochore Protein 

      Sorger, Peter; Harrison, Stephen; Simons, K. T.; Harrison, Stephen C.; De Wulf, P.; Espelin, C. W.; Cohen, R. L. (American Society for Cell Biology, 2008)
      Mif2p is the budding-yeast orthologue of the mammalian centromere-binding protein CENP-C. We have mapped domains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mif2p and studied the phenotyptic consequences of their deletion. Using chromatin ...
    • Structural Correlates of Rotavirus Cell Entry 

      Abdelhakim, Aliaa H.; Salgado, Eric N.; Fu, Xiaofeng; Pasham, Mithun; Nicastro, Daniela; Kirchhausen, Tomas; Harrison, Stephen C. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      Cell entry by non-enveloped viruses requires translocation into the cytosol of a macromolecular complex—for double-strand RNA viruses, a complete subviral particle. We have used live-cell fluorescence imaging to follow ...
    • Structure of a Nascent Membrane Protein as It Folds on the BAM Complex 

      Tomasek, David; Rawson, Shaun; Lee, James; Wzorek, Joseph; Harrison, Stephen; Li, Zongli; Kahne, Daniel (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-11)
    • Structure of Clathrin Coat with Bound Hsc70 and Auxilin: Mechanism of Hsc70-Facilitated Disassembly 

      Xing, Yi; Böcking, Till; Wolf, Matthias; Grigorieff, Nikolaus; Kirchhausen, Tomas Leopold; Harrison, Stephen C. (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
      The chaperone Hsc70 drives the clathrin assembly–disassembly cycle forward by stimulating dissociation of a clathrin lattice. A J-domain containing co-chaperone, auxilin, associates with a freshly budded clathrin-coated ...
    • Viral Membrane Fusion 

      Harrison, Stephen (Nature Publishing Group, 2008)
      Infection by viruses having lipid-bilayer envelopes proceeds through fusion of the viral membrane with a membrane of the target cell. Viral ‘fusion proteins’ facilitate this process. They vary greatly in structure, but all ...
    • XMAP215 is a Processive Microtubule Polymerase 

      Brouhard, Gary J.; Stear, Jeffrey H.; Noetzel, Tim L.; Al-Bassam, Jawdat; Kinoshita, Kazuhisa; Harrison, Stephen; Howard, Jonathon; Hyman, Anthony A. (Elsevier, 2008)
      Fast growth of microtubules is essential for rapid assembly of the microtubule cytoskeleton during cell proliferation and differentiation. XMAP215 belongs to a conserved family of proteins that promote microtubule growth. ...