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    • Natural Product Screening Reveals Naphthoquinone Complex I Bypass Factors 

      Vafai, Scott B.; Mevers, Emily; Higgins, Kathleen W.; Fomina, Yevgenia; Zhang, Jianming; Mandinova, Anna; Newman, David; Shaw, Stanley Y.; Clardy, Jon; Mootha, Vamsi K. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Deficiency of mitochondrial complex I is encountered in both rare and common diseases, but we have limited therapeutic options to treat this lesion to the oxidative phosphorylation system (OXPHOS). Idebenone and menadione ...
    • Plasmodium's Crossroads: Deciphering the Molecular Pathway That Leads to Malaria Transmission 

      Goldowitz, Ilana Sarah (2015-05-13)
      Plasmodium falciparum is the causative agent of the most severe form of malaria. Transmission from humans to mosquito vectors is an essential step in this eukaryotic parasite‘s life cycle and in the spread of malaria ...
    • Production of α-Galactosylceramide by a Prominent Member of the Human Gut Microbiota 

      Wieland Brown, Laura C.; Penaranda, Cristina; Kashyap, Purna C.; Williams, Brianna B.; Clardy, Jon; Kronenberg, Mitchell; Sonnenburg, Justin L.; Comstock, Laurie E.; Bluestone, Jeffrey A.; Fischbach, Michael A. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      While the human gut microbiota are suspected to produce diffusible small molecules that modulate host signaling pathways, few of these molecules have been identified. Species of Bacteroides and their relatives, which often ...
    • Selection for High Oridonin Yield in the Chinese Medicinal Plant Isodon (Lamiaceae) Using a Combined Phylogenetics and Population Genetics Approach 

      Harris, Eric S. J.; Cao, Shugeng; Schoville, Sean D.; Dong, Chengming; Wang, Wenquan; Jian, Zaiyou; Zhao, Zhongzhen; Eisenberg, David Miles; Clardy, Jon C. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Oridonin is a diterpenoid with anti-cancer activity that occurs in the Chinese medicinal plant Isodon rubescens and some related species. While the bioactivity of oridonin has been well studied, the extent of natural ...
    • A Sexually Conditioned Switch of Chemosensory Behavior in C. elegans 

      Sakai, Naoko; Iwata, Ryo; Yokoi, Saori; Butcher, Rebecca A.; Clardy, Jon; Tomioka, Masahiro; Iino, Yuichi (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      In sexually reproducing animals, mating is essential for transmitting genetic information to the next generation and therefore animals have evolved mechanisms for optimizing the chance of successful mate location. In the ...
    • Sporulenes, Heptaprenyl Metabolites from Bacillus subtilis Spores 

      Kontnik, Renee; Bosak, Tanja; Butcher, Rebecca A.; Brocks, Jochen J.; Losick, Richard M.; Clardy, Jon C.; Pearson, Ann (American Chemical Society, 2008)
      Sporulene, a C35-terpenoid hydrocarbon with an unusual pentacyclic structure, is produced by Bacillus subtilis during sporulation.
    • Synthesis and Activity of Biomimetic Biofilm Disruptors 

      Böttcher, Thomas; Kolodkin-Gal, Ilana; Kolter, Roberto Guillermo; Losick, Richard M.; Clardy, Jon C. (American Chemical Society, 2013)
      Biofilms are often associated with human bacterial infections, and the natural tolerance of biofilms to antibiotics challenges treatment. Compounds with antibiofilm activity could become useful adjuncts to antibiotic ...
    • Synthesis of the Rosette-Inducing Factor RIF-1 and Analogs 

      Beemelmanns, Christine; Woznica, Arielle; Alegado, Rosanna A.; Cantley, Alexandra M.; King, Nicole; Clardy, Jon (American Chemical Society, 2014)
      Studies on the origin of animal multicellularity have increasingly focused on one of the closest living relatives of animals, the choanoflagellate Salpingoeca rosetta. Single cells of S. rosetta can develop into multicellular ...
    • Uncovering Bacterial Metabolites Involved in Eukaryotic Development 

      Cantley, Alexandra Masu (2016-09-09)
      Microorganisms are ubiquitous. They crowd the soils, the oceans, even deserts and glaciers, and they make up the microbiota that live in and on the bodies of animals. Crammed into their environment with many other competing ...
    • Using Genomics to Deliver Natural Products from Symbiotic Bacteria 

      Clardy, Jon C. (BioMed Central, 2005)
      The availability of some natural products with promising anticancer activity has been limited because they are synthesized by symbiotic bacteria associated with specific animals. Recent research has identified the clusters ...
    • Whole-Genome Sequence of Bacillus sp. SDLI1, Isolated from the Social Bee Scaptotrigona depilis 

      Paludo, Camila R.; Ruzzini, Antonio C.; Silva-Junior, Eduardo A.; Pishchany, Gleb; Currie, Cameron R.; Nascimento, Fábio S.; Kolter, Roberto G.; Clardy, Jon; Pupo, Mônica T. (American Society for Microbiology, 2016)
      We announce the complete genome sequence of Bacillus sp. strain SDLI1, isolated from larval gut of the stingless bee Scaptotrigona depilis. The 4.13-Mb circular chromosome harbors biosynthetic gene clusters for the production ...