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    • Don't Take the Premise for Granted: Mitigating Artifacts in Natural Language Inference 

      Belinkov, Yonatan; Poliak, Adam; Shieber, Stuart; Van Durme, Benjamin; Rush, Alexander Sasha (Association of Computational Linguistics, 2019-07)
      Natural Language Inference (NLI) datasets often contain hypothesis-only biases—artifacts that allow models to achieve non-trivial performance without learning whether a premise entails a hypothesis. We propose two probabilistic ...
    • Easily searched encodings for number partitioning 

      Ruml, Wheeler; Ngo, J. Thomas; Marks, Joe; Shieber, Stuart (Springer, 1996)
      Can stochastic search algorithms outperform existing deterministic heuristics for the NP-hard problem Number Partitioning if given a sufficient, but practically realizable amount of time? In a thorough empirical investigation ...
    • Ecumenical open access and the Finch Report principles 

      Shieber, Stuart M. (British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2013)
    • Efficiently Parsable Extensions to Tree-Local Multicomponent TAG 

      Nesson, Rebecca; Shieber, Stuart M. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2009)
      Recent applications of Tree-Adjoining Grammar (TAG) to the domain of semantics as well as new attention to syntactic phenomena have given rise to increased interested in more expressive and complex multicomponent TAG ...
    • Eliciting and annotating uncertainty in spoken language 

      Pon-Barry, Heather; Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Longenbaugh, Nicholas Steven (2014)
      A major challenge in the field of automatic recognition of emotion and affect in speech is the subjective nature of affect labels. The most common approach to acquiring affect labels is to ask a panel of listeners to rate ...
    • Ellipsis and higher-order unification 

      Dalrymple, Mary; Shieber, Stuart; Pereira, Fernando C. N. (Springer, 1991)
      We present a new method for characterizing the interpretive possibilities generated by elliptical constructions in natural language. Unlike previous analyses, which postulate ambiguity of interpretation or derivation in ...
    • Equity for Open-Access Journal Publishing 

      Shieber, Stuart M. (Public Library of Science, 2009)
      Scholars write articles to be read--the more access to their articles the better--so one might think that the open-access approach to publishing, in which articles are freely available online to all without interposition ...
    • Estimating Compact Yet Rich Tree Insertion Grammars 

      Yamangil, Elif; Shieber, Stuart M. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2012)
      We present a Bayesian nonparametric model for estimating tree insertion grammars (TIG), building upon recent work in Bayesian inference of tree substitution grammars (TSG) via Dirichlet processes. Under our general variant ...
    • Extraction phenomena in synchronous TAG syntax and semantics. 

      Nesson, Rebecca; Shieber, Stuart (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2007)
      We present a proposal for the structure of noun phrases in Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammar (STAG) syntax and semantics that permits an elegant and uniform analysis of a variety of phenomena, including quantifier scope ...
    • Formal constraints on metarules 

      Shieber, Stuart; Stucky, Susan U.; Uszkoreit, Hans; Robinson, Jane J. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 1983)
      Metagrammatical formalisms that combine context-free phrase structure rules and metarules (MPS grammars) allow concise statement of generalizations about the syntax of natural languages. Unconstrained MPS grammars, ...
    • The Formalism and Implementation of PATR-II 

      Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Uszkoreit, Hans; Pereira, Fernando; Robinson, Jane; Tyson, Mabry (SRI International, 1983)
    • Foundational Issues in Natural Language Processing: Introduction 

      Sells, Peter; Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Wasow, Thomas (MIT Press, 1991)
    • Generation and synchronous tree-adjoining grammars 

      Shieber, Stuart; Schabes, Yves (Blackwell Publishing, 1992)
      Tree-adjoining grammars (TAG) have been proposed as a formalism for generation based on the intuition that the extended domain of syntactic locality that TAGs provide should aid in localizing semantic dependencies as well, ...
    • Good Practices For University Open-Access Policies (2013) 

      Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Suber, Peter (Harvard Open Access Project, 2015-03-27)
    • Identifying Uncertain Words within an Utterance via Prosodic Features 

      Pon-Barry, Heather Roberta; Shieber, Stuart M. (International Speech Communication Association, 2009)
      We describe an experiment that investigates whether sub-utterance prosodic features can be used to detect uncertainty at the wordlevel. That is, given an utterance that is classified as uncertain, we want to determine which ...
    • The Importance of Sub-Utterance Prosody in Predicting Level of Certainty 

      Pon-Barry, Heather Roberta; Shieber, Stuart M. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2009)
      We present an experiment aimed at understanding how to optimally use acoustic and prosodic information to predict a speaker's level of certainty. With a corpus of utterances where we can isolate a single word or phrase ...
    • Inferring Speaker Affect in Spoken Natural Language Communication 

      Pon-Barry, Heather Roberta (2013-03-15)
      The field of spoken language processing is concerned with creating computer programs that can understand human speech and produce human-like speech. Regarding the problem of understanding human speech, there is currently ...
    • The Influence of Contexts on Decision-Making 

      Gal, Ya'akov; Grosz, Barbara J.; Pfeffer, Avi; Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Allain, Alex (2007)
      Many environments in which people and computer agents interact involve deploying resources to accomplish tasks and satisfy goals. This paper investigates the way that the contextual setting in which decisions are made ...
    • The influence of task contexts on the decision-making of humans and computers. 

      Gal, Ya'akov Kobi; Grosz, Barbara; Pfeffer, Avrom; Shieber, Stuart; Allain, Alex (Springer, 2007)
      Many environments in which people and computer agents interact involve deploying resources to accomplish tasks and satisfy goals. This paper investigates the way that the context in which decisions are made affects the ...
    • Infrastructure for Research towards Ubiquitous Information Systems 

      Grosz, Barbara J.; Kung, H. T.; Seltzer, Margo I.; Shieber, Stuart Merrill; Smith, Michael D. (1994)
      The availability of fast, inexpensive computers and the growth of network technology have resulted in the proliferation of computing power and an enormous increase in information available in electronic form. However, most ...