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    • P16-18. Regulatory T Cell Frequencies Correlate With T Cell Activation in Chronic HIV-1 Infection 

      Pyo, A; Trocha, A; Toth, I; Addo, MM; Angin, Mathieu; Streeck, Hendrik; Pereyra, Florencia M.; Walker, Bruce David; Altfeld, Marcus; Alter, G; Kwon, D; Wen, F (BioMed Central, 2009)
    • Rapid Evolution of HIV-1 to Functional CD8+ T-cell rResponses in Humanized BLT Mice 

      Dudek, TE; No, DC; Vrbanac, V; Fadda, L; Bryant, KF; Luster, AD; Knipe, DM; Tager, AM; Allen, TM; Seung, Edward N.; Altfeld, Marcus (BioMed Central, 2012)
    • Role of KIR3DS1 in Human Diseases 

      Körner, Christian; Altfeld, Marcus (Frontiers Media S.A., 2012)
      The function of natural killer (NK) cells is controlled by several activating and inhibitory receptors, including the family of killer-immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs). One distinctive feature of KIRs is the extensive ...
    • Temporal effect of HLA-B*57 on viral control during primary HIV-1 infection 

      Vaidya, Sagar A; Streeck, Hendrik; Beckwith, Noor; Ghebremichael, Musie; Pereyra, Florencia; Kwon, Douglas S; Addo, Marylyn M; Rychert, Jenna; Routy, Jean-Pierre; Jessen, Heiko; Kelleher, Anthony D; Hecht, Frederick; Sekaly, Rafick-Pierre; Carrington, Mary; Walker, Bruce D; Allen, Todd M; Rosenberg, Eric S; Altfeld, Marcus (BioMed Central, 2013)
      Background: HLA-B alleles are associated with viral control in chronic HIV-1 infection, however, their role in primary HIV-1 disease is unclear. This study sought to determine the role of HLA-B alleles in viral control ...
    • TLR7/9 Antagonist Reduces HIV-1-Induced Immune Activation 

      Chang, Ju-Hui; Lindsay, RJ; Doyle, EH; Vrbanac, V; Seung, Edward N.; Dudek, Timothy E; Bosch, Ronald J.; Precopio, M; Kandimalla, E; Tager, Andrew Martin; Altfeld, Marcus (BioMed Central, 2012)
    • Whole Genome Deep Sequencing of HIV-1 Reveals the Impact of Early Minor Variants Upon Immune Recognition During Acute Infection 

      Henn, Matthew R.; Charlebois, Patrick; Lennon, Niall J.; Power, Karen A.; Macalalad, Alexander R.; Berlin, Aaron M.; Malboeuf, Christine M.; Gnerre, Sante; Erlich, Rachel L.; Green, Lisa M.; Berical, Andrew; Wang, Yaoyu; Newman, Ruchi; Axten, Karen L.; Gladden, Adrianne D.; Battis, Laura; Kemper, Michael; Zeng, Qiandong; Shea, Terrance P.; Gujja, Sharvari; Zedlack, Carmen; Gasser, Olivier; Brander, Christian; Günthard, Huldrych F.; Brumme, Zabrina L.; Brumme, Chanson J.; Bazner, Suzane; Rychert, Jenna; Tinsley, Jake P.; Levin, Joshua Z.; Jessen, Heiko; Birren, Bruce W.; Boutwell, Christian Lane; Ryan, Elizabeth M.; Zody, Michael C.; Casali, Monica; Streeck, Hendrik; Bloom, Allyson Kelly; Dudek, Timothy E.; Tully, Damien C.; Hess, Christoph; Mayer, Kenneth Hugh; Rosenberg, Eric Scott; Pereyra, Florencia M.; Young, Sarah K.; Altfeld, Marcus; Walker, Bruce David; Allen, Todd (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Deep sequencing technologies have the potential to transform the study of highly variable viral pathogens by providing a rapid and cost-effective approach to sensitively characterize rapidly evolving viral quasispecies. ...