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    • D,L-Cyclic Peptides as Structural Materials 

      Rubin, Daniel James (2015-04-17)
      The bioengineer has a choice of building with proteins, peptides, polymers, nucleic acids, lipids, metals and minerals, each class containing tremendous diversity within its category. While the platforms are diverse, they ...
    • D--branes and Spinning Black Holes 

      Breckenridge, Jason; Myers, Robert; Peet, Amanda; Vafa, Cumrun (Elsevier, 1996)
      We obtain a new class of spinning charged extremal black holes in five dimensions, considered both as classical configurations and in the Dirichlet (D)-brane representation. The degeneracy of states is computed from the ...
    • D-Amino Acids Indirectly Inhibit Biofilm Formation in Bacillus subtilis by Interfering with Protein Synthesis 

      Leiman, Sara A; May, J. M.; Lebar, M. D.; Kahne, Daniel; Kolter, R.; Losick, Richard M. (American Society for Microbiology, 2013)
      The soil bacterium Bacillus subtilis forms biofilms on surfaces and at air-liquid interfaces. It was previously reported that these biofilms disassemble late in their life cycle and that conditioned medium from late-stage ...
    • D-brane Construction of the 5D NHEK Dual 

      Song, Wei; Strominger, Andrew E. (Springer-Verlag, 2012)
      Extremal but non-supersymmetric charged black holes with \(SU(2)_L\) spin in IIB string theory compactified to five dimensions on \(K^3 \times S^1\) are considered. These have a near-horizon or NHEK region with an enhanced ...
    • D-brane Deconstructions in IIB Orientifolds 

      Collinucci, Andres; Denef, Frederik; Esole, Mboyo (Institute of Physics, 2009)
      With model building applications in mind, we collect and develop basic techniques to analyze the landscape of D7-branes in type IIB compact Calabi-Yau orientifolds, in three different pictures: F-theory, the D7 worldvolume ...
    • d-Cycloserine enhances durability of social skills training in autism spectrum disorder 

      Wink, Logan K.; Minshawi, Noha F.; Shaffer, Rebecca C.; Plawecki, Martin H.; Posey, David J.; Horn, Paul S.; Adams, Ryan; Pedapati, Ernest V.; Schaefer, Tori L.; McDougle, Christopher J.; Swiezy, Naomi B.; Erickson, Craig A. (BioMed Central, 2017)
      Background: d-Cycloserine (DCS) enhances extinction learning across species, but it has proven challenging to identify consistent benefit of DCS when added to therapeutic interventions. We conducted a placebo-controlled ...
    • d-Dimer elevation and adverse outcomes 

      Halaby, Rim; Popma, Christopher J.; Cohen, Ander; Chi, Gerald; Zacarkim, Marcelo Rodrigues; Romero, Gonzalo; Goldhaber, Samuel Z.; Hull, Russell; Hernandez, Adrian; Mentz, Robert; Harrington, Robert; Lip, Gregory; Peacock, Frank; Welker, James; Martin-Loeches, Ignacio; Daaboul, Yazan; Korjian, Serge; Gibson, C. Michael (Springer US, 2014)
      d-Dimer is a biomarker of fibrin formation and degradation. While a d-dimer within normal limits is used to rule out the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism among patients with a low clinical probability ...
    • D-helix influences dimerization of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter associated with antigen processing 1 (TAP1) nucleotide-binding domain 

      Vakkasoglu, Ahmet; Srikant, Sriram; Gaudet, Rachelle (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2017)
      ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters form a large family of transmembrane importers and exporters. Using two nucleotide-binding domains (NBDs), which form a canonical ATP-sandwich dimer at some point within the transport ...
    • D-modules and finite monodromy 

      Esnault, Hélène; Kisin, Mark (Springer Nature, 2016)
      We investigate an analogue of the Grothendieck p-curvature conjecture, where the vanishing of the p-curvature is replaced by the stronger condition, that the module with connection mod p underlies a XDX -module structure. ...
    • D-Modules on Spaces of Rational Maps and on Other Generic Data 

      Barlev, Jonathan (2012-12-13)
      Fix an algebraic curve X. We study the problem of parametrizing geometric data over X, which is only generically defined. E.g., parametrizing generically defined maps from X to a fixed target scheme Y. There are three methods ...
    • D-Modules on the Affine Flag Variety and Representations of Affine Kac-Moody Algebras 

      Frenkel, Edward; Gaitsgory, Dennis (American Mathematical Society, 2009)
      The present paper studies the connection between the category of modules over the affine Kac-Moody Lie algebra at the critical level, and the category of D-modules on the affine flag scheme \(G((t))/I\), where \(I\) is the ...
    • D-π-A Dye System Containing Cyano-Benzoic Acid as Anchoring Group for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 

      Katono, Masataka; Bessho, Takeru; Meng, Sheng; Humphry-Baker, Robin; Rothenberger, Guido; Zakeeruddin, Shaik M.; Kaxiras, Efthimios; Grätzel, Michael (American Chemical Society, 2011)
    • D. H. Lawrence and Studies in Classic American Literature 

      Peterson Newton, Angela Noelle
      Although D. H. Lawrence is still considered by many critics one of the most significant English writers of the early twentieth century, a general perception of racist and misogynist tendencies in Lawrence's writing has ...
    • D. H. Lawrence and Studies in Classic American Literature 

      Peterson Newton, Angela Noelle
      Although D. H. Lawrence is still considered by many critics one of the most significant English writers of the early twentieth century, a general perception of racist and misogynist tendencies in Lawrence's writing has ...
    • D2 Lymphadenectomy with Surgical Ex Vivo Dissection into Node Stations for Gastric Adenocarcinoma Can Be Performed Safely in Western Patients and Ensures Optimal Staging 

      SCHMIDT, BENJAMIN; Chang, Kevin Kyong; Maduekwe, Ugwuji N.; Look-Hong, Nicole; Rattner, David William; Lauwers, Gregory Y.; Mullen, John T.; Yang, Han-Kwang; Yoon, Sam (Springer Nature, 2013)
      BACKGROUND: The AJCC recommends examination of >16 nodes to stage gastric adenocarcinoma. D2 lymphadenectomy (LAD) followed by surgical ex vivo dissection (SEVD) into nodal stations is standard at many high-volume Asian ...
    • D3 Phosphoinositides and Outside-in integrin Signaling by Glycoprotein IIb-IIIa Mediate Platelet Actin Assembly and Filopodial Extension Induced by Phorbol 12-Myristate 13-Acetate 

      Hartwig, John H.; Kung, Sophia; Kovacsovics, Tibor; Janmey, Paul A.; Cantley, Lewis C.; Stossel, Thomas P.; Toker, Alex (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1996)
      Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) uncaps a small number of the fast-growing (barbed) ends of actin filaments, thereby eliciting slow actin assembly and extension of filopodia in human blood platelets, These reactions, ...
    • The \(D_4\) Root System is Not Universally Optimal 

      Cohn, Henry; Conway, John H.; Elkies, Noam; Kumar, Abhinav (AK Peters, 2007)
      We prove that the \(D_4\) root system (equivalently, the set of vertices of the regular 24-cell) is not a universally optimal spherical code. We further conjecture that there is no universally optimal spherical code of 24 ...
    • Da Capo: Accumulations and Explosions 

      McDonald, Christie (Legenda, 2009)
    • Dads, Disease and Death: Decomposing Daughter Discrimination 

      Chen, Joyce J. (Center for International Development at Harvard University, 2005-05)
      Existing literature suggests that girls are differentially affected by (1) income shocks and (2) changes in bargaining power. However, these analyses do not shed light on the actual sources of discrimination, i.e. whether ...
    • Dahlhaus zwischen Tonalität und tonality 

      Rehding, Alexander (Edition Argus, 2011)