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    • The Availability and Utilization of 401(k) Loans 

      Beshears, John Leonard; Choi, James J; Laibson, David I.; Madrian, Brigitte (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2011)
      We document the loan provisions in 401(k) savings plans and how participants use 401(k) loans. Although only about 22% of savings plan participants who are allowed to borrow from their 401(k) have such a loan at any given ...
    • Availability and utilization of cardiovascular fixed-dose combination drugs in the United States 

      Wang, Bo; Choudhry, Niteesh Kumar; Gagne, Joshua J; Landon, Joan; Kesselheim, Aaron Seth (Elsevier BV, 2015)
      BACKGROUND: Solid clinical evidence supports the effectiveness and safety of multiple drugs in treating diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, and numerous fixed-dose combination products (FDCs) containing such drugs ...
    • The Availability Heuristic, Intuitive Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Climate Change 

      Sunstein, Cass Robert (Springer Verlag, 2006)
      Because risks are on all sides of social situations, it is not possible to be “precautionary” in general. The availability heuristic ensures that some risks stand out as particularly salient, whatever their actual magnitude. ...
    • Availability of Insurance Linkage Programs in U.S. Emergency Departments 

      Kanak, Mia; Delgado, M. Kit; Camargo, Carlos A.; Wang, N. Ewen (Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, 2014)
      Introduction: As millions of uninsured citizens who use emergency department (ED) services are now eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the ED is ideally situated to facilitate linkage to insurance. ...
    • Avalanche Analysis from Multielectrode Ensemble Recordings in Cat, Monkey, and Human Cerebral Cortex during Wakefulness and Sleep 

      Dehghani, Nima; Hatsopoulos, Nicholas G.; Haga, Zach D.; Parker, Rebecca A.; Greger, Bradley; Halgren, Eric; Cash, Sydney S.; Destexhe, Alain (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2012)
      Self-organized critical states are found in many natural systems, from earthquakes to forest fires, they have also been observed in neural systems, particularly, in neuronal cultures. However, the presence of critical ...
    • Average Household Exposure to Newspaper Coverage about the Harmful Effects of Hormone Therapy and Population-Based Declines in Hormone Therapy Use 

      Haas, Jennifer S.; Miglioretti, Diana L.; Geller, Berta; Buist, Diana S. M.; Nelson, David E.; Kerlikowske, Karla; Carney, Patricia A.; Dash, Sarah; Breslau, Erica S.; Ballard-Barbash, Rachel (Springer-Verlag, 2007)
      Background: The news media facilitated the rapid dissemination of the findings from the estrogen plus progestin therapy arm of the Women’s Health Initiative (EPT-WHI). Objective: To examine the relationship between the ...
    • Average Marginal Tax Rates from Social Security and the Individual Income Tax 

      Barro, Robert J.; Sahasakul, Chaipat (University of Chicago Press, 1986)
      We extend previous estimates of the average marginal tax rate from the federal individual income tax to include social security. Our computations consider the tax rates on employers, employees, and the self-employed; the ...
    • Average Ranks of Elliptic Curves: Tension between Data and Conjecture 

      Bektemirov, Baur; Mazur, Barry C.; Stein, William; Watkins, Mark (American Mathematical Society, 2007)
      Rational points on elliptic curves are the gems of arithmetic: they are, to diophantine geometry, what units in rings of integers are to algebraic number theory, what algebraic cycles are to algebraic geometry. A rational ...
    • Average Spectra of Massive Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 

      Eisenstein, Daniel James; Hogg, David W.; Fukugita, Masataka; Nakamura, Osamu; Bernardi, Mariangela; Finkbeiner, Douglas; Schlegel, David J.; Brinkmann, J.; Connolly, Andrew J.; Csabai, Istvan; Gunn, James E.; Ivezi?, ?eljko; Lamb, Don Q.; Loveday, Jon; Munn, Jeffrey A.; Nichol, Robert C.; Schneider, Donald P.; Strauss, Michael A.; Szalay, Alex; York, Don G. (IOP Publishing, 2003)
      We combine Sloan Digital Sky Survey spectra of 22,000 luminous, red, bulge-dominated galaxies to get high signal-to-noise ratio average spectra in the rest-frame optical and ultraviolet (2600-7000 Å). The average spectra ...
    • Averting the legacy of kidney disease - focus on childhood 

      Ingelfinger, J.R.; Kalantar-Zadeh, K.; Schaefer, F. (Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, 2016)
      World Kidney Day 2016 focuses on kidney disease in childhood and the antecedents of adult kidney disease that can begin in earliest childhood. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in childhood differs from that in adults, in that ...
    • Avian Egg Shape: Form, Function, and Evolution 

      Caswell Stoddard, Mary; Yong, Ee Hou; Akkaynak, Derya; Sheard, Catherine; Tobias, Joseph; Mahadevan, Lakshminarayanan (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2017-06-22)
      Avian egg shape is generally explained as an adaptation to life history, yet we currently lack a global synthesis of how egg-shape differences arise and evolve. Here, we apply morphometric, mechanistic, and macroevolutionary ...
    • Avian influenza: Ferret H7N9 flu model questioned 

      Lipsitch, Marc (Springer Nature, 2013)
    • The avian respiratory system: a unique model for studies of respiratory toxicosis and for monitoring air quality 

      Brown, Richard C; Brain, Joseph David; Wang, Ning (Environmental Health Perspectives, 1997)
      There are many distinct differences (morphologic, physiologic, and mechanical) between the bird's lung-air-sac respiratory system and the mammalian bronchoalveolar lung. In this paper, we review the physiology of the avian ...
    • The Avian Shoulder: An Experimental Approach 

      Jenkins, Farish; Goslow, G. E.; Dial, K. P. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 1989-02)
    • The aviation collection at the Business School Library 

      Sanborn, Ruth A. (Harvard Library, 1948)
    • The AViKA (Adding Value in Knee Arthroplasty) postoperative care navigation trial: rationale and design features 

      Losina, Elena; Collins, Jamie E; Daigle, Meghan E; Donnell-Fink, Laurel A; Prokopetz, Julian JZ; Strnad, Doris; Lerner, Vladislav; Rome, Benjamin N; Ghazinouri, Roya; Skoniecki, Debra J; Katz, Jeffrey N; Wright, John (BioMed Central, 2013)
      Background: Utilization of total knee arthroplasty is increasing rapidly. A substantial number of total knee arthroplasty recipients have persistent pain after surgery. Our objective was to design a randomized controlled ...
    • Avoidant Attachment to the Marital Partner Predicts Decreases in Marital Satisfaction, Stability, and Social Support During Military Deployment: A Sample of Aircrew Personnel 

      Taylor, Melanie C. (2020-08-24)
      This study examined the role of relationship-specific attachment to the romantic partner in predicting marital satisfaction, marital stability, and the sources of perceived social support during military deployment. It ...
    • Avoiding a lost generation of scientists 

      Taylor, Justin Q; Kovacik, Peter; Traer, James; Zakahi, Philip; Oslowski, Christine; Widge, Alik S; Glorioso, Christin A (eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd, 2016)
      By sharing their experiences, early-career scientists can help to make the case for increased government funding for researchers.
    • Avoiding a Plastic Pandemic: The Future of Sustainability in a Post COVID-19 World 

      De Blasio, Nicola; Fallon, Phoebe (Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, 2021-01)
      The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is upending our lives and the global economy in ways unimaginable until recently. While the overall impacts are still difficult to quantify, ramifications are sure to be felt for decades to ...
    • Avoiding Absurdity? A New Canon in Regulatory Law 

      Sunstein, Cass Robert (The Law School of the University of Chicago, 2002)
      Courts have recently developed a new principle of interpretation: Administrative agencies are not bound by the literal language of regulatory statutes, if they are attempting to ensure against absurd or patently unreasonable ...