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    • Butterfly genome reveals promiscuous exchange of mimicry adaptations among species 

      Dasmahapatra, Kanchon K; Walters, James R.; Briscoe, Adriana D.; Davey, John W.; Whibley, Annabel; Nadeau, Nicola J.; Zimin, Aleksey V.; Hughes, Daniel S. T.; Ferguson, Laura C.; Martin, Simon H.; Salazar, Camilo; Lewis, James J.; Adler, Sebastian; Ahn, Seung-Joon; Baker, Dean A.; Baxter, Simon W.; Chamberlain, Nicola; Chauhan, Ritika; Counterman, Brian A.; Dalmay, Tamas; Gilbert, Lawrence E.; Gordon, Karl; Heckel, David G.; Hines, Heather M.; Hoff, Katharina J.; Holland, Peter W.H.; Jacquin-Joly, Emmanuelle; Jiggins, Francis M.; Jones, Robert T.; Kapan, Durrell D.; Kersey, Paul; Lamas, Gerardo; Lawson, Daniel; Mapleson, Daniel; Maroja, Luana S.; Martin, Arnaud; Moxon, Simon; Palmer, William J.; Papa, Riccardo; Papanicolaou, Alexie; Pauchet, Yannick; Ray, David A.; Rosser, Neil; Salzberg, Steven L.; Supple, Megan A.; Surridge, Alison; Tenger-Trolander, Ayse; Vogel, Heiko; Wilkinson, Paul A.; Wilson, Derek; Yorke, James A.; Yuan, Furong; Balmuth, Alexi L.; Eland, Cathlene; Gharbi, Karim; Thomson, Marian; Gibbs, Richard A.; Han, Yi; Jayaseelan, Joy C.; Kovar, Christie; Mathew, Tittu; Muzny, Donna M.; Ongeri, Fiona; Pu, Ling-Ling; Qu, Jiaxin; Thornton, Rebecca L.; Worley, Kim C.; Wu, Yuan-Qing; Linares, Mauricio; Blaxter, Mark L.; Constant, Richard H. ffrench; Joron, Mathieu; Kronforst, Marcus; Mullen, Sean P.; Reed, Robert D.; Scherer, Steven E.; Richards, Stephen; Mallet, Jim; McMillan, W. Owen; Jiggins, Chris D. (2012)
      The evolutionary importance of hybridization and introgression has long been debated1. We used genomic tools to investigate introgression in Heliconius, a rapidly radiating genus of neotropical butterflies widely used in ...
    • Button-pressing affects P300 amplitude and scalp topography 

      Salisbury, Dean F; Rutherford, Bret; Shenton, Martha Elizabeth; McCarley, Robert William (Elsevier BV, 2001)
      Background: Scant and equivocal research exists examining the effects of button-pressing on P300. Button-pressing may decrease P300 latency and amplitude. The melding of motor potentials and P300 may also confound studies ...
    • Butyrylcholinesterase Predicts Cardiac Mortality in Young Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome 

      Sulzgruber, Patrick; Koller, Lorenz; Reiberger, Thomas; El-Hamid, Feras; Forster, Stefan; Rothgerber, David-Jonas; Goliasch, Georg; Wojta, Johann; Niessner, Alexander (Public Library of Science, 2015)
      Background: The incidence of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in young people (≤65 years) is continuously rising. While prognostic factors in ACS are well-investigated less attention has been paid to their age-dependent ...
    • Buying Inertia: Preempting Social Disorder With Selective Welfare Provision in Urban China 

      Pan, Jennifer (2015-03-30)
      A considerable number of welfare programs and social policies are adopted by authoritarian regimes, but we know relatively little about what shapes the pattern of redistribution in the absence of electoral competition. ...
    • Buying Troubled Assets 

      Bebchuk, Lucian Arye (Yale Journal on Regulation, 2009)
      This paper analyzes how government intervention in the market for banks' troubled assets is best designed, and also uses this analysis to evaluate the public-private investment program announced by the U.S. government in ...
    • BVRI light curves for 22 type Ia supernovae 

      Riess, Adam; Kirshner, Robert; Schmidt, Brian; Jha, Saurabh; Challis, Peter; Garnavich, Peter; Esin, Ann; Carpenter, Chris; Grashius, Randy; Schild, Rudolph (American Astronomical Society, 1999)
      We present 1210 Johnson/Cousins B, V, R, and I photometric observations of 22 recent Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia): SNe 1993ac, 1993ae, 1994M, 1994S, 1994T, 1994Q, 1994ae, 1995D, 1995E, 1995al, 1995ac, 1995ak, 1995bd, 1996C, ...
    • By Force of Habit: A Consumption-Based Explanation of Aggregate Stock Market Behavior 

      Campbell, John; Cochrane, John H. (University of Chicago Press, 1999)
      We present a consumption‐based model that explains a wide variety of dynamic asset pricing phenomena, including the procyclical variation of stock prices, the long‐horizon predictability of excess stock returns, and the ...
    • By Sword and Word: Literature, Violence, and Religion in the North Caucasus 

      Breininger-Umetayeva, Olga (2019-05-21)
      For over a century and a half, Russia has exercised a narrative monopoly on the Caucasus War. Both in fiction and in scholarship, the understanding of one of the most prolonged conflicts in Russian history has been largely ...
    • 'By Two Tuscarora Indians' 

      Cottrell, G.W. Jr (Harvard Library, 1948)
    • BYOB: How Bringing Your Own Shopping Bags Leads to Treating Yourself, and the Environment 

      Karmarkar, Uma Reeta; Bollinger, Bryan (2015)
      As concerns about pollution and climate change have become more central in public discourse, shopping with reusable grocery bags has been strongly promoted as environmentally and socially conscious. In parallel, firms have ...
    • Bypass of a protein roadblock by a replicative DNA helicase 

      Yardimci, Hasan; Wang, Xindan; Loveland, Anna B.; Tappin, Inger; Rudner, David Z.; Hurwitz, Jerard; van Oijen, Antoine M.; Walter, Johannes C. (2012)
      Replicative DNA helicases generally unwind DNA as a single hexamer that encircles and translocates along one strand of the duplex while excluding the complementary strand (“steric exclusion”). In contrast, large T antigen ...
    • Bypass to Turbulence in Hydrodynamic Accretion Disks: An Eigenvalue Approach 

      Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata; Afshordi, Niayesh; Narayan, Ramesh (American Astronomical Society, 2005)
      Cold accretion disks with temperatures below similar to 3000 K are likely to be composed of highly neutral gas. The magnetorotational instability may cease to operate in such disks, so it is of interest to consider purely ...
    • Bypass to Turbulence in Hydrodynamic Accretion: Lagrangian Analysis of Energy Growth 

      Afshordi, Niayesh; Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata; Narayan, Ramesh (American Astronomical Society, 2005)
      Despite observational evidence for cold neutral astrophysical accretion disks, the viscous process that may drive the accretion in such systems is not yet understood. While molecular viscosity is too small to explain the ...
    • Byron in America to 1830 

      Accardo, Peter X. (Harvard Library, 1999)
    • Byroniana: "Remarks on Cain" identified 

      Mortenson, Robert (Harvard Library, 1968)
    • Byzantine Carved Gemstones: Their Typology, Dating, Materiality, and Function 

      Harrison, Katherine (2015-05-17)
      This dissertation examines gemstones carved in relief from the middle and late Byzantine periods. Byzantine gems share a similar aesthetic with relief carvings in ivory and steatite, but they have not been as thoroughly ...
    • bZIP transcription factor zip-2 mediates an early response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in Caenorhabditis elegans 

      Estes, Kathleen A.; Dunbar, Tiffany L.; Powell, Jennifer R.; Ausubel, Frederick M.; Troemel, Emily R. (National Academy of Sciences, 2010)
      Very little is known about how animals discriminate pathogens from innocuous microbes. To address this question, we examined infection-response gene induction in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. We focused on genes ...
    • c = 1 string as the topological theory of the conifold 

      Ghoshal, Debashis; Vafa, Cumrun (Elsevier, 1995)
    • c-Abl Activation Regulates Induction of the SEK1/Stress-activated Protein Kinase Pathway in the Cellular Response to 1-β-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine 

      Kharbanda, Surender; Pandey, Pramod; Ren, Ruibao; Mayer, Bruce; Zon, Leonard; Kufe, Donald (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1995)
    • c-Fms-Mediated Differentiation and Priming of Monocyte Lineage Cells Play a Central Role in Autoimmune Arthritis 

      Paniagua, Ricardo T; Chang, Anna; Mariano, Melissa M; Stein, Emily A; Lindstrom, Tamsin M; Sharpe, Orr; Roscow, Claire; Ho, Peggy P; Wang, Qian; Lee, David Marvin; Robinson, William H. (BioMed Central, 2010)
      Introduction: Tyrosine kinases are key mediators of multiple signaling pathways implicated in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We previously demonstrated that imatinib mesylate--a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved, ...