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    • Contributions of integrin-linked kinase to breast cancer metastasis and tumourigenesis 

      Hinton, Cimona V; Avraham, Shalom; Avraham, Hava Karsenty (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2008)
      Abstract Metastasis contributes to more than 90% of mortality in breast cancer. Critical stages in the development of aggressive breast cancer include growth of the primary tumours, and their abilities to spread to distant ...
    • A screen for regulators of survival of motor neuron protein levels 

      Makhortova, Nina R; Hayhurst, Monica; Cerqueira, Antonio; Sinor-Anderson, Amy D; Zhao, Wen-Ning; Heiser, Patrick W; Arvanites, Arvanites; Davidow, Lance Steven; Waldon, Zachary O; Steen, Judith A; Lam, Kelvin; Ngo, Hien D; Rubin, Lee (Springer Nature, 2011)
      The motor neuron disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) results from mutations that lead to low levels of the ubiquitously expressed protein survival of motor neuron (SMN). An ever-increasing collection of data suggests ...