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    • A droplet digital PCR detection method for rare L1 insertions in tumors 

      White, Travis B; McCoy, Adam M; Streva, Vincent A; Fenrich, Joshua; Deininger, Prescott L (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: The active human mobile element, long interspersed element 1 (L1) currently populates human genomes in excess of 500,000 copies per haploid genome. Through its mobility via a process called target primed reverse ...
    • Next-generation sequencing-based detection of germline L1-mediated transductions 

      Tica, Jelena; Lee, Eunjung; Untergasser, Andreas; Meiers, Sascha; Garfield, David A.; Gokcumen, Omer; Furlong, Eileen E.M.; Park, Peter J.; Stütz, Adrian M.; Korbel, Jan O. (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Background: While active LINE-1 (L1) elements possess the ability to mobilize flanking sequences to different genomic loci through a process termed transduction influencing genomic content and structure, an approach for ...