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    • 2-Selmer groups and Heegner points on elliptic curves 

      Li, Chao (2015-05-07)
      This thesis studies several aspects of the arithmetic of elliptic curves. In particular, we explore the prediction of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture when the 2-Selmer group has rank one. For certain elliptic ...
    • 24-Hour Rhythms of DNA Methylation and Their Relation with Rhythms of RNA Expression in the Human Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex 

      Lim, Andrew S. P.; Srivastava, Gyan P.; Yu, Lei; Chibnik, Lori B.; Xu, Jishu; Buchman, Aron S.; Schneider, Julie A.; Myers, Amanda J.; Bennett, David A.; De Jager, Philip L. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      Circadian rhythms modulate the biology of many human tissues, including brain tissues, and are driven by a near 24-hour transcriptional feedback loop. These rhythms are paralleled by 24-hour rhythms of large portions of ...
    • A Discussion of Gröbner Bases and the Hilbert Scheme 

      Vlad, Raluca (2022-05-23)
      In this expository thesis, we want to present an introduction to computational algebraic geometry through the lens of Gröbner bases and describe the construction and some pathological examples on the Hilbert scheme. In ...
    • A Graphical Theory of Musical Pitch Spelling 

      Wetherfield, Benjamin S. (2018-06-29)
      Based on the conventions of staff-based music notation, musical passages that sound alike can often be written down in multiple ways, with each representation being considered a different "pitch-spelling". In this thesis, ...
    • A Lighting-Invariant Approach to Local Shape from Shading 

      Heal, Kathryn (2021-05-04)
      Shape from shading is a classical problem in computer vision, in which the depth field of an object or a scene is reconstructed from a pattern of intensities in an image. This can be thought of in some sense as the inverse ...
    • A synthetic Centaur generation pipeline and other support for a big-data Centaur search 

      Kurlander, Jacob Andrew (2022-05-23)
      We complete three supporting components of a search for Centaurs, a type of minor planet, in Pan-STARRS1 telescope data. First, we build a software pipeline which generates a high-fidelity synthetic Centaur population and ...
    • Absolute Hodge Cycles in Prismatic Cohomology 

      Nie, Tian (2021-09-09)
      In this thesis we construct the notion of absolute Hodge cycles in prismatic cohomology for abelian schemes. We show that they are compatible with their de Rham and p-adic components under comparison isomorphisms.
    • ACME: Automated Cell Morphology Extractor for Comprehensive Reconstruction of Cell Membranes 

      Mosaliganti, Kishore Rao; Noche, Ramil; Xiong, Fengzhu; Swinburne, Ian A; Megason, Sean G. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The quantification of cell shape, cell migration, and cell rearrangements is important for addressing classical questions in developmental biology such as patterning and tissue morphogenesis. Time-lapse microscopic imaging ...
    • Advection on Graphs 

      Rak, Annie (2017-02-07)
      We give an overview of advection on graphs and relate it to Markov chains and covering graphs.
    • After Math: (Re)configuring Minds, Proof, and Computing in the Postwar United States 

      Dick, Stephanie Aleen (2015-01-26)
      This dissertation examines the history of three early computer programs that were designed to prove mathematical theorems: The Logic Theory Machine, the Program P, and the Automated Reasoning Assistant, all developed between ...
    • Age-Related Macular Degeneration and the Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

      Wu, Juan; Uchino, Miki; Sastry, Srinivas M.; Schaumberg, Debra A. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      Importance Research has indicated some shared pathogenic mechanisms between age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, results from prior epidemiologic studies have been inconsistent ...
    • Algebraicity Criteria and Their Applications 

      Tang, Yunqing (2016-05-04)
      We use generalizations of the Borel–Dwork criterion to prove variants of the Grothedieck–Katz p-curvature conjecture and the conjecture of Ogus for some classes of abelian varieties over number fields. The Grothendieck–Katz ...
    • Algorithmic Approaches to Playing Minesweeper 

      Becerra, David J. (2015-04-08)
      This thesis explores the challenges associated with designing a Minesweeper solving algorithm. In particular, it considers how to best start a game, various heuristics for handling guesses, and different strategies for ...
    • Algorithmic Fairness, Metric Embedding, and Metric Learning 

      Olson, Conlan (2022-02-24)
      As algorithms are increasingly used to classify people in contexts like criminal justice, college admissions, and advertising, it is important to ensure that these algorithms are socially responsible and treat people the ...
    • An Analysis of the Mathematical Impacts of a Cross-Age Peer Tutoring Initiative 

      Ohayon, Moshe (2019-01-04)
      Cross-age peer tutoring is an instructional strategy in which older students serve as interventionists to improve the academic and attitudinal outcomes of their younger peers. Educational Justice, a nonprofit organization ...
    • An Extension of the Kazhdan-Lusztig Equivalence 

      Fu, Yuchen (2022-05-03)
      We establish an equivalence between the DG category of Iwahori–integrable affine Lie algebra representations and the DG category of representations of the “mixed” quantum group, thus confirming a conjecture made by D. ...
    • Analysis of HIV Diversity in HIV-Infected Black Men Who Have Sex with Men (HPTN 061) 

      Chen, Iris; Chau, Gordon; Wang, Jing; Clarke, William; Marzinke, Mark A.; Cummings, Vanessa; Breaud, Autumn; Laeyendecker, Oliver; Fields, Sheldon D.; Griffith, Sam; Scott, Hyman M.; Shoptaw, Steven; del Rio, Carlos; Magnus, Manya; Mannheimer, Sharon; Tieu, Hong-Van; Wheeler, Darrell P.; Mayer, Kenneth H.; Koblin, Beryl A.; Eshleman, Susan H. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Background: HIV populations often diversify in response to selective pressures, such as the immune response and antiretroviral drug use. We analyzed HIV diversity in Black men who have sex with men who were enrolled in the ...
    • Analysis of Rare, Exonic Variation amongst Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Population Controls 

      Liu, Li; Sabo, Aniko; Neale, Benjamin Michael; Nagaswamy, Uma; Stevens, Christine; Lim, Elaine; Bodea, Corneliu A.; Muzny, Donna; Reid, Jeffrey G.; Banks, Eric; Coon, Hillary; DePristo, Mark; Dinh, Huyen; Fennel, Tim; Flannick, Jason A.; Gabriel, Stacey; Garimella, Kiran; Gross, Shannon; Hawes, Alicia; Lewis, Lora; Makarov, Vladimir; Maguire, Jared; Newsham, Irene; Poplin, Ryan; Ripke, Stephan; Shakir, Khalid; Samocha, Kaitlin Elisabeth; Wu, Yuanqing; Boerwinkle, Eric; Buxbaum, Joseph D.; Cook, Edwin H., Jr.; Devlin, Bernie; Schellenberg, Gerard D.; Sutcliffe, James S.; Daly, Mark Joseph; Gibbs, Richard A.; Roeder, Kathryn (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      We report on results from whole-exome sequencing (WES) of 1,039 subjects diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and 870 controls selected from the NIMH repository to be of similar ancestry to cases. The WES data ...
    • Analytical results on Seiberg-Witten equations on homology S¹ × S³ 

      Yang, Yuxuan (2022-04-28)
      This thesis studies the Seiberg-Witten equation on a periodic 4-manifold obtained from a homology S¹ × S³. The first chapter is a brief introduction of the topic. The second chapter reviews basic preliminaries on Seiberg-Witten ...
    • Anthropometric Differences between HIV-Infected Individuals Prior to Antiretroviral Treatment and the General Population from 1998–2007: The AIDS Clinical Trials Group Longitudinal Linked Randomized Trials (ALLRT) Cohort and NHANES 

      Atkinson, Benjamin E.; Krishnan, Supriya; Cox, Gary; Hulgan, Todd; Collier, Ann C. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Objective: To assess differences in body circumferences and body mass index (BMI, kg/m2) between antiretroviral treatment (ART) naïve HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected persons. Methods: Waist, arm, and thigh circumferences ...