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    • Blocking the formation of radiation–induced breast cancer stem cells 

      Wang, Yangyang; Li, Wende; Patel, Shalin S.; Cong, Juan; Zhang, Nan; Sabbatino, Francesco; Liu, Xiaoyan; Qi, Yuan; Huang, Peigen; Lee, Hang; Taghian, Alphonse; Li, Jian-Jian; DeLeo, Albert B.; Ferrone, Soldano; Epperly, Michael W.; Ferrone, Cristina R.; Ly, Amy; Brachtel, Elena F.; Wang, Xinhui (Impact Journals LLC, 2014)
      The goal of adjuvant (post-surgery) radiation therapy (RT) for breast cancer (BC) is to eliminate residual cancer cells, leading to better local tumor control and thus improving patient survival. However, radioresistance ...