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    • Molecular Mechanisms and Underlying Heterogeneity in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 

      Garcia, Elaine Gabriella (2019-05-16)
      Hematopoiesis is a highly orchestrated process that culminates in the production of functionally heterogeneous blood cell types. Leukemogenesis is the disruption of this process by stochastic and dynamic molecular alterations ...
    • TCR Mechanobiology: Torques and Tunable Structures Linked to Early T Cell Signaling 

      Kim, Sun Taek; Sun, Zhen-Yu Jim; Shin, Yongdae; Brazin, Kristine N.; Mallis, Robert J.; Wagner, Gerhard; Lang, Matthew J.; Reinherz, Ellis Leonard (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2012)
      Mechanotransduction is a basis for receptor signaling in many biological systems. Recent data based upon optical tweezer experiments suggest that the TCR is an anisotropic mechanosensor, converting mechanical energy into ...