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    • Accurate galactic N(H) values towards quasars and AGN 

      Elvis, Martin; Wilkes, Belinda Jane; Lockman, Felix J. (IOP Publishing, 1989)
      Integrated Galactic 21-cm column densities toward about 174 quasars and AGN are presented. The data are corrected for stray radiation, using the technique of Lockman et al. (1986). Because of the 21-arcmin beam size of the ...
    • The ROSAT spectrum of 3C 351 - A warm absorber in an X-ray-'quiet' quasar? 

      Fiore, Fabrizio; Elvis, Martin S.; Mathur, Smita; Wilkes, Belinda Jane; McDowell, Jonathan Christopher (IOP Publishing, 1993)
      3C 351 is one of the most X-ray-quiet radio quasars (alpha(ox) about 1.6). We have observed 3C 351 with the ROSAT position sensitive proportional counter (PSPC) and find a complex X-ray spectrum which is not well reproduced ...