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    • Black Hole Spin via Continuum Fitting and the Role of Spin in Powering Transient Jets 

      McClintock, Jeffrey E.; Narayan, Ramesh; Steiner, James (Springer Science + Business Media, 2013)
      The spins of ten stellar black holes have been measured using the continuum- fitting method. These black holes are located in two distinct classes of X-ray binary systems, one that is persistently X-ray bright and another ...
    • Cataclysmic Variables Discovered in the Chandra Multi-Wavelength Plane Survey 

      Zhao, Ping; Grindlay, Jonathan E.; Hong, Jaesub; Servillat, M.; van den Berg, M. (Fabrizio Serra editore, 2013)
      We present 25 cataclysmic variables discovered in the Chandra Multi-wavelength Plane Survey (ChaMPlane: Grindlay et al. (2005); Hong et al. (2005); Zhao et al. (2005)), which is designed to investigate the nature of the ...