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    • Ice Lithography for Nano-Devices 

      Branton, Daniel; Han, Anpan; Vlassarev, Dimitar Mihaylov; Wang, Jenny Yingzi; Golovchenko, Jene A. (American Chemical Society, 2010)
      We report the successful application of a new approach, ice lithography (IL), to fabricate nanoscale devices. The entire IL process takes place inside a modified scanning electron microscope (SEM), where a vapor-deposited ...
    • Nanopatterning on Nonplanar and Fragile Substrates with Ice Resists 

      Han, Anpan; Kuan, Aaron Tzeyang; Golovchenko, Jene A.; Branton, Daniel (American Chemical Society, 2012)
      Electron beam (e-beam) lithography using polymer resists is an important technology that provides the spatial resolution needed for nanodevice fabrication. But it is often desirable to pattern nonplanar structures on which ...