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    • A MRI study of fusiform gyrus in schizotypal personality disorder 

      Dickey, Chandlee C.; McCarley, Robert William; Voglmaier, Martina M.; Niznikiewicz, Margaret A.; Seidman, Larry Joel; Frumin, Melissa; Toner, Sarah; Demeo, Susan; Shenton, Martha Elizabeth (Elsevier BV, 2003)
      The fusiform gyrus is important for face and object recognition, is abnormal in schizophrenia, but has not been studied in schizotypal personality disorder (SPD). Thin-slice MR images showed no differences, either in right, ...
    • Spatio-temporal dynamics and laterality effects of face inversion, feature presence and configuration, and face outline 

      Marinkovic, Ksenija; Courtney, Maureen G.; Witzel, Thomas; Dale, Anders M.; Halgren, Eric (Frontiers Media S.A., 2014)
      Although a crucial role of the fusiform gyrus (FG) in face processing has been demonstrated with a variety of methods, converging evidence suggests that face processing involves an interactive and overlapping processing ...