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    • Devonian Landscape Heterogeneity Recorded by a Giant Fungus 

      Boyce, C. Kevin; Hotton, Carol L.; Fogel, Marilyn L.; Cody, George D.; Hazen, Robert M.; Knoll, Andrew Herbert; Hueber, Francis M. (Geological Society of America, 2007)
      The enigmatic Paleozoic fossil Prototaxites Dawson 1859 consists of tree-like trunks as long as 8 m constructed of interwoven tubes <50 mm in diameter. Prototaxites specimens from five localities differ from contemporaneous ...
    • Needs and opportunities in mineral evolution research 

      Hazen, R. M.; Bekker, A.; Bish, D. L.; Bleeker, W.; Downs, R. T.; Farquhar, J.; Ferry, J. M.; Grew, E. S.; Knoll, Andrew Herbert; Papineau, D.; Ralph, J. P.; Sverjensky, D. A.; Valley, J. W. (GeoScienceWorld, 2011)
      Progress in understanding mineral evolution, Earth’s changing near-surface mineralogy through time, depends on the availability of detailed information on mineral localities of known ages and geologic settings. A comprehensive ...
    • Origin of Enriched Ocean Ridge Basalts and Implications for Mantle Dynamics 

      Donnelly, Kathleen E.; Goldstein, Steven L.; Langmuir, Charles; Spiegelman, Marc (Elsevier, 2004)
      The Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) south of the Kane Fracture Zone at similar to23degreesN (the MARK area) is distant from hot spots and a type area for "normal" mid-ocean ridge basalt (N-MORB) depleted in highly incompatible ...