Global Wind Power

2.5 MW Wind Turbines on Scout Moor Windfarm, England. Photo by Paul Anderson

Could the world run on wind power? "Absolutely," says Michael McElroy, Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies.

Based on a simulation of global wind fields, McElroy and his colleagues concluded:

"A network of land-based 2.5 MW turbines restricted to non-forested, ice-free, non-urban areas operating as little as 20% of their rated capacity, could supply more than 40 times current worlde consumption of electricity, more than 5 times total global use of energy in all forms."

The full study, "Global Potential for Wind-Generated Electricity," was co-authored with Xi Lu, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Atmospheric Chemistry, and Juha Kiviluoma of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

You can find a complete list of Prof. McElroy's work in DASH here.