Studying Suicide and Self-Harm

File photo by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

A recent feature in The New York Times describes Harvard Professor of Psychology Matthew K. Nock as "one of the most original and influential suicide researchers in the world."

In his article "Future Directions for the Study of Suicide and Self-Injury," Prof. Nock calls for standard definitions of such terms as "suicide plan" and "suicide attempt;" use of technological advances to measure thoughts of self-harm; and a better understanding of risk factors, their relation to one another, and their correlation to actual instances of self-harm. "Whatever the specific directions we take," Nock argues, "it is imperative that we act quickly, strongly, creatively, and comprehensively so that we can begin to decrease the tragic injury and loss of life due to suicide and self-injury."

You can find a list of Prof. Nock's works in DASH here.