The Art of Dying

He sleeps his last sleep. A Conferederate soldier who after being wounded evidently dragged himself to a little ravine on the hill side, where he died.

In her article The Civil War Soldier and the Art of Dying, Harvard President and Lincoln Professor of History, Drew Gilpin Faust, examines the way in which the Civil War changed how Americans thought about death.

Faust points out that the impact of death in the Civil War extended beyond the quantity of casualties, the unprecedented scale of the slaughter.

"Death's significance for the Civil War generation," Faust argues, "derived as well from the way it violated prevailing assumptions about life's proper end—about who should die, when and where, and under what circumstances."

On September 18, the American Experience series on PBS will air Death and the Civil War, a new documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Ric Burns based on President Faust's prize-winning book This Republic of Suffering.

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