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    • Cdx4 Is Dispensable for Murine Adult Hematopoietic Stem Cells but Promotes MLL-AF9-Mediated Leukemogenesis 

      Koo, Sumin; Huntly, Brian J.; Wang, Yuan; Chen, Jing; Brumme, Kristina; Ball, Brian; McKinney-Freeman, Shannon L.; Yabuuchi, Akiko; Scholl, Claudia; Bansal, Dimple; Zon, Leonard Ira; Fröhling, Stefan; Daley, George Quentin; Gilliland, D. Gary; Mercher, Thomas (Ferrata Storti Foundation (Haematologica), 2010)
      Background: Cdx4 is a homeobox gene essential for normal blood formation during embryonic development in the zebrafish, through activation of posterior Hox genes. However, its role in adult mammalian hematopoiesis has not ...