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    • Optical magnetic imaging of living cells 

      Le Sage, D.; Arai, K.; Glenn, D. R.; DeVience, S. J.; Pham, L. M.; Rahn-Lee, L.; Lukin, M. D.; Yacoby, A.; Komeili, A.; Walsworth, R. L. (2013)
      Magnetic imaging is a powerful tool for probing biological and physical systems. However, existing techniques either have poor spatial resolution compared to optical microscopy and are hence not generally applicable to ...
    • Suppressing qubit dephasing using real-time Hamiltonian estimation 

      Shulman, M. D.; Harvey, S. P.; Nichol, J. M.; Bartlett, S. D.; Doherty, A. C.; Umansky, V.; Yacoby, A. (Nature Pub. Group, 2014)
      Unwanted interaction between a quantum system and its fluctuating environment leads to decoherence and is the primary obstacle to establishing a scalable quantum information processing architecture. Strategies such as ...