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    • Entanglement Entropy of 3-D Conformal Gauge Theories with Many Flavors 

      Klebanov, Igor R.; Pufu, Silviu S.; Sachdev, Subir; Safdi, Benjamin R. (Springer-Verlag, 2012)
      Three-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) of deconfined gauge fields coupled to gapless flavors of fermionic and bosonic matter describe quantum critical points of condensed matter systems in two spatial dimensions. ...
    • Higher Spins in AdS and Twistorial Holography 

      Giombi, Simone; Yin, Xi (Springer Verlag, 2011)
      In this paper we simplify and extend previous work on three-point functions in Vasiliev's higher spin gauge theory in \(AdS_4\). We work in a gauge in which the space-time dependence of Vasiliev's master fields is gauged ...