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    • A Decade of SN 1993J: Discovery of Radio Wavelength Effects in the Expansion Rate 

      Marcaide, J.M.; Marti-Vidal, I.; Alberdi, A.; Perrez-Torres, M.A.; Ros, E.; Diamond, P.J.; Guirado, J.C.; Lara, L.; Shapiro, Irwin Ira; Stockdale, C.J.; Weiler, K.W.; Mantovani, F.; Preston, R.A.; Schilizzi, R.T.; Sramek, R.A.; Trigilio, C.; Van Dyk, S.D.; Whitney, A.R. (EDP Sciences, 2009)
      We studied the growth of the shell-like radio structure of supernova SN 1993J in M 81 from September 1993 to October 2003 with very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI) observations at the wavelengths of 3.6, 6, and 18 cm. ...