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    • Defects in Hard-Sphere Colloidal Crystals 

      Persson Gulda, Maria Christina Margareta (2013-03-15)
      Colloidal crystals of \(1.55 \mu m\) diameter silica particles were grown on {100} and flat templates by sedimentation and centrifugation. The particles interact as hard spheres. The vacancies and divacancies in these ...
    • Effect of Pressure on Arsenic Diffusion in Germanium: Evidence Against Simple Vacancy Mechanism 

      Mitha, Salman; Aziz, Michael; Schiferl, David; Poker, David B. (Trans Tech Publications, 1997)
      We have measured the effect of pressure on As diffusion in Ge. Diffusion anneals on ion-implanted samples were carried out in a high temperature diamond anvil cell using fluid argon as a clean, hydrostatic pressure medium. ...