Genome-wide Analysis of Ctcf-RNA Interactions

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Genome-wide Analysis of Ctcf-RNA Interactions

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Title: Genome-wide Analysis of Ctcf-RNA Interactions
Author: Kung, Johnny Tsun-Yi
Citation: Kung, Johnny Tsun-Yi. 2014. Genome-wide Analysis of Ctcf-RNA Interactions. Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University.
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Abstract: Ctcf is a "master regulator" of the genome that plays a role in a variety of gene regulatory functions as well as in genome architecture. Evidence from studying the epigenetic process of X-chromosome inactivation suggests that, in certain cases, Ctcf might carry out its functions through interacting with RNA. Using mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells and a modified protocol for UV-crosslinking and immunoprecipitation followed by high-throughput sequencing (CLIP-seq), Ctcf is found to interact with a multitude of transcripts genome-wide, both protein-coding mRNA (or noncoding transcripts therein) as well as many long-noncoding RNA (lncRNA). Examples of the latter include both well-characterized species from imprinted loci and previously unannotated transcripts from intergenic space. RNA binding targets of Ctcf are validated by a variety of biochemical methods, and Ctcf is found to interact with RNA through its C-terminal domain, distinct from its DNA-binding zinc-finger domain. Ctcf chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)-seq done in parallel reveals distinct but correlated binding of Ctcf to DNA and RNA. In addition, allelic analysis of Ctcf ChIP pattern reveals significant differences between Ctcf binding to the presumptive inactive and active X chromosomes. Together, the current work reveals a further layer of complexity to Ctcf biology by implicating a role for Ctcf-RNA interactions in its recruitment to genomic binding sites.
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