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    • Bridging the Gap between Computer Science and Legal Approaches to Privacy 

      Nissim, Kobbi; Bembenek, Aaron; Wood, Alexandra B; Bun, Mark Mar; Gaboardi, Marco; Gasser, Urs; O'Brien, David; Vadhan, Salil P.; Steinke, Thomas (Harvard Law School, 2018)
      The analysis and release of statistical data about individuals and groups of individuals carries inherent privacy risks, and these risks have been conceptualized in different ways within the fields of law and computer ...
    • Differential Privacy: A Primer for a Non-Technical Audience 

      Wood, Alexandra; Altman, Micah; Bembenek, Aaron; Bun, Mark; Gaboardi, Marco; Honaker, James; Nissim, Kobbi; O'Brien, David; Steinke, Thomas; Vadhan, Salil (Vanderbilt University, 2018)
      Differential privacy is a formal mathematical framework for quantifying and managing privacy risks. It provides provable privacy protection against a wide range of potential attacks, including those currently unforeseen. ...