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    • #IranVotes: Political Discourse on Iranian Twitter during the 2016 Parliamentary Elections 

      Marchant, James; Sabeti, Amin; Bowen, Kyle; Kelly, John; Heacock Jones, Rebekah Ann (The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
      In this study, we map and analyze the content and structural features of the Iranian Twittersphere as exhibited over the course of the 2016 legislative elections in order to identify the communities that developed around ...
    • iTunes: How Copyright, Contract, and Technology Shape the Business of Digital Media 

      Fisher, William W. (The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2004)
      In this paper, the Berkman Center's Digital Media Project has conducted an exploratory case study on Apple's iTunes Online Music Store from a legal and business perspective. The objective of this analysis is twofold: First, ...
    • A Layered Model for AI Governance 

      Gasser, Urs; Almeida, Virgilio A.F. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017)
      AI-based systems are “black boxes,” resulting in massive information asymmetries between the developers of such systems and consumers and policymakers. In order to bridge this information gap, this article proposes a ...
    • Maximizing K-12 Fiber Connectivity Through E-Rate: An Overview 

      Thompson, James R; Talbot, David A.; Krueger, Keith (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
      The federal E-rate program provides up to $3.9 billion annually to subsidize the provision of high-speed Internet access to schools and libraries. Recent revisions to the program greatly expand the options for how such ...
    • Networked Policymaking Avenues: Assessing the Role of Academics in Digital Policy 

      Ashar, Amar J; Faris, Robert M; Gasser, Urs (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
    • On the Biomedical Elite: Inequality and Stasis in Scientific Knowledge Production 

      Katz, Yarden; Matter, Ulrich Bernhard (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2017)
      Researchers and research institutes are increasingly being evaluated using metrics (from bibliometrics to patent counts), which are core instruments of a longstanding effort to quantify scientific productivity and worth. ...
    • On the Road to "Pre-K for All": The Launch of UPK in New York City 

      Crawford, Susan Patricia; Lader, Mary-Catherine; Smith, Maria Lee (Berkman Center for Internet & Society, 2015)
      Over the spring and summer of 2014, New York City put in place a full-day universal pre-kindergarten (UPK) program. The blistering pace, enormous scale, and administrative complexity of this rollout were all striking: a ...
    • Open Data Privacy 

      Green, Ben Z; Cunningham, Gabe; Ekblaw, Ariel; Kominers, Paul M; Linzer, Andrew; Crawford, Susan Patricia (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2017)
      Cities today collect and store a wide range of data that may contain sensitive information about residents. As cities embrace open data initiatives, more of this information is released to the public. While opening data ...
    • An Open Letter to the Members of the Massachusetts Legislature Regarding the Adoption of Actuarial Risk Assessment Tools in the Criminal Justice System 

      Barabas, Chelsea; Bavitz, Christopher T.; Budish, Ryan Hal; Dinakar, Karthik; Dwork, Cynthia; Gasser, Urs; Hessekiel, Kira H.; Ito, Joichi; Rivest, Ronald L.; Virza, Madars; Zittrain, Jonathan L. (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society., 2017)
    • Openness and Restraint: Structure, Discourse, and Contention in Saudi Twitter 

      Noman, Helmi; Faris, Robert M; Kelly, John (The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2015)
      report series, which focuses on key events and new developments in Internet freedom. The report maps and analyzes the structure and content of the Saudi Twittersphere and identifies the communities that coalesce around ...
    • The Paradox of Self-Amendment: A Study of Law, Logic, Omnipotence, and Change 

      Suber, Peter (Peter Lang International Academic Publishers., 1990)
      The first full-length study of self-reference and paradox in law, this book will intrigue and instruct anyone interested in law, logic, philosophy, or political theory. History shows that self-amendment - for example, the ...
    • Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election 

      Faris, Robert M.; Roberts, Hal; Etling, Bruce; Bourassa, Nikki; Zuckerman, Ethan; Benkler, Yochai (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2017)
      In this study, we analyze both mainstream and social media coverage of the 2016 United States presidential election. We document that the majority of mainstream media coverage was negative for both candidates, but largely ...
    • Perspectives on Harmful Speech Online 

      Gasser, Urs; Reventlow, Nani Jansen; Penney, Jonathan; Johnson, Amy Elizabeth; Junco, Reynol; Tilton, Casey B.; Coyer, Kate; Dad, Nighat; Chaudhri, Adnan; Mutung'u, Grace; Benesch, Susan; Lombana-Bermudez, Andres; Noman, Helmi; Albert, Kendra; Sterzing, Anke; Oberholzer-Gee, Felix; Melas, Holger; Zuleta, Lumi; Kargar, Simindokht; Bourassa, Nikki; Matias, Jorge (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
      This collection of essays includes perspectives on and approaches to harmful speech online from a wide range of voices within the Berkman Klein Center community. Recognizing that harmful speech online is an increasingly ...
    • Practical approaches to big data privacy over time 

      Altman, Micah; Wood, Alexandra B; O'Brien, David; Gasser, Urs (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018)
      Key Points Governments and businesses are increasingly collecting, analysing, and sharing detailed information about individuals over long periods of time. Vast quantities of data from new sources and novel methods ...
    • Privacy and Cybersecurity Research Briefing 

      O'Brien, David; Budish, Ryan Hal; Faris, Robert M; Gasser, Urs; Lin, Tiffany C (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
    • Privacy and Open Data Research Briefing 

      Wood, Alexandra B; O'Brien, David; Gasser, Urs (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
    • Privacy and Student Data: An Overview of Federal Laws Impacting Student Information Collected Through Networked Technologies 

      Ritvo, Dalia Topelson (The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, 2016)
      Over the past five years, schools have progressively been integrating the use of technology into the classroom, both to help students achieve their goals, and help teachers and administrators alike organize, categorize and ...
    • Public Discourse in the Russian Blogosphere: Mapping RuNet Politics and Mobilization 

      Etling, Bruce; Alexanyan, Karina; Kelly, John; Faris, Robert M; Palfrey, John Gorham; Gasser, Urs (2010)
      We analyzed Russian blogs to discover networks of discussion around politics and public affairs. Beginning with an initial set of over five million blogs, we used social network analysis to identify a highly active ‘Discussion ...
    • Regulating Search Engines: Taking Stock And Looking Ahead 

      Gasser, Urs (2006)
      Since the creation of the first pre-Web Internet search engines in the early 1990s, search engines have become almost as important as email as a primary online activity. Arguably, search engines are among the most important ...
    • Response to FCC Notice of Inquiry 09-94: “Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in an Evolving Media Landscape” 

      Palfrey, John; Gasser, Urs; Boyd, Danah (2010-03-25)
      his paper is a response to the FCC's Notice of Inquiry (09-94) on Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in an Evolving Media Landscape (PDF). The response synthesizes current research and data on the media practices ...