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    • Housing Adaptation: The Fall and Rise of Modernist Residential Districts 

      Pablos, Adriana (2021-06-09)
      This thesis analyzes design strategies used to adapt modernist housing projects. During the first decades of the twentieth century, the modernist residential district was designed as the new and standardized form of ...
    • Planning Climate Philanthropy 

      Tufano, Nora (2021-05-19)
      Nearly every local climate plan in the United States is, in some way, funded by philanthropic sources, whether through direct underwriting of government programs, capacity building, sponsorship of academic research, or ...
    • TEOTWAWKI: A Designer's Guide to Prepping 

      Clingen, Kira Bre (2021-05-18)
      Preparing, colloquially known as “prepping,” is a political act that can be read through the medium of landscape, extending from the colonization of the United States to the present. While mainstream media portrays preppers ...