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    • Biking is Labor: App-Based Food Delivery Cyclists and Infrastructure as Justice in New York City 

      Geschwindt, Mary (2022-05-18)
      In New York City, app-based food delivery cyclists face exploitative labor conditions as independent contractors for the gig economy and dangerous streets as vulnerable road users. By defining biking as labor and street ...

      Terzino, Anthony (2022-06-08)
      The triangulation of work along flexible and fragmented lines requires a new approach to organizing. Subcontracting and third-party employment have exacerbated structural ambiguities over who works for whom and under what ...
    • “Northing Must be Fastened to the Ground”: Mobile Informal Work in Indian Cities 

      Nagpal, Gauri (2023-05-17)
      This thesis investigates how the architecture of regulation addressing street vendors’ livelihood protection in India relies on either enforcing mobility or suspending it. It proposes that narratives of spatiality must ...