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    • Truth or Dare: Management Theory at a Crossroads 

      Fung, Ray
      This dissertation examines the state of management theory, whether as espoused by the (largely self-proclaimed) gurus, or by management academics. Given that philosophers of science have determined that theory is supposed ...
    • Essays on the Digital Consumer: Models of Engagement, Upgrade, and Referral Behaviors 

      Lee, Clarence
      In this dissertation, I present three essays on two empirical models of consumers using Web services. Business-to-consumer (B2C) Web services, such as Facebook, Dropbox and Pandora, have become a major part of the economy. ...
    • Essays on Retail Operations Management 

      Craig, Nathan Charles
      This dissertation presents research on two topics in retail operations management: the inventory-based lending cycle and the impact of supplier inventory service level on retailer demand. The first study examines the cycle ...