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    • Dietary and Hormonal Factors in Relation to Physical Function 

      Hagan, Kaitlin A. (2016-04-25)
      Physical function is increasingly recognized as a key component of healthy aging, in particular as a core component of mobility and independent living in older adults. Prior research has also demonstrated that poor physical ...
    • Mechanisms and Risk Factors of Cognitive Aging 

      Koyama, Alain K. (2015-04-21)
      This dissertation explores the role of biologic factors and a novel method of measuring cognitive function in investigating mechanisms and risk factors of cognitive aging. With a rapidly increasing aging population, the ...
    • Social Support and Older Adult Health in China 

      Zhang, Lu (2017-09-22)
      Social support refers to the provision of support through the real or perceived existence of resources in social relationships, which is one of the main mechanisms through which social networks may influence health outcomes. ...