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    • Fathers' Parenting and Early Child Development 

      Jeong, Joshua (2018-04-19)
      Parents are the primary providers of nurturing care for young children’s healthy early development. However, the parenting literature during early childhood has primarily focused on mothers. Consequently, much less is known ...
    • Socioeconomic Status, Psychosocial Stress, and Mortality in the United States 

      Rodgers, Justin (2018-04-25)
      Background: Socioeconomic status has a well-documented inverse association with morbidity and mortality. Psychosocial stress is one of the most frequently cited pathways hypothesized to drive social inequalities in health. ...
    • The Relation Between Age at Immigration and Mental Health 

      Liu, Howard (2018-04-13)
      Immigrants in the United States are a growing population, but little is known about how their mental health may vary by their age at immigration. In Chapter 1, we used logistic regression to estimate the odds of incident ...