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    • Parallel genome-scale loss of function screens in 216 cancer cell lines for the identification of context-specific genetic dependencies 

      Cowley, Glenn S; Weir, Barbara A; Vazquez, Francisca; Tamayo, Pablo; Scott, Justine A; Rusin, Scott; East-Seletsky, Alexandra; Ali, Levi D; Gerath, William FJ; Pantel, Sarah E; Lizotte, Patrick H; Jiang, Guozhi; Hsiao, Jessica; Tsherniak, Aviad; Dwinell, Elizabeth; Aoyama, Simon; Okamoto, Michael; Harrington, William; Gelfand, Ellen; Green, Thomas M; Tomko, Mark J; Gopal, Shuba; Wong, Terence C; Li, Hubo; Howell, Sara; Stransky, Nicolas; Liefeld, Ted; Jang, Dongkeun; Bistline, Jonathan; Hill Meyers, Barbara; Armstrong, Scott A; Anderson, Ken C; Stegmaier, Kimberly; Reich, Michael; Pellman, David; Boehm, Jesse S; Mesirov, Jill P; Golub, Todd R; Root, David E; Hahn, William C (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
      Using a genome-scale, lentivirally delivered shRNA library, we performed massively parallel pooled shRNA screens in 216 cancer cell lines to identify genes that are required for cell proliferation and/or viability. Cell ...