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    • High fat diet enhances stemness and tumorigenicity of intestinal progenitors 

      Beyaz, Semir; Mana, Miyeko D.; Roper, Jatin; Kedrin, Dmitriy; Saadatpour, Assieh; Hong, Sue-Jean; Bauer-Rowe, Khristian E.; Xifaras, Michael E.; Akkad, Adam; Arias, Erika; Pinello, Luca; Katz, Yarden; Shinagare, Shweta; Abu-Remaileh, Monther; Mihaylova, Maria M.; Lamming, Dudley W.; Dogum, Rizkullah; Guo, Guoji; Bell, George W.; Selig, Martin; Nielsen, G. Petur; Gupta, Nitin; Ferrone, Cristina R.; Deshpande, Vikram; Yuan, Guo-Cheng; Orkin, Stuart H.; Sabatini, David M.; Yilmaz, Ömer H. (2016)
      Little is known about how pro-obesity diets regulate tissue stem and progenitor cell function. Here we find that high fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity augments the numbers and function of Lgr5+ intestinal stem-cells (ISCs) ...
    • The TSC-mTOR pathway regulates macrophage polarization 

      Byles, Vanessa; Covarrubias, Anthony J.; Ben-Sahra, Issam; Lamming, Dudley W.; Sabatini, David M.; Manning, Brendan D.; Horng, Tiffany (2013)
      Macrophages are able to polarize to proinflammatory M1 or alternative M2 states with distinct phenotypes and physiological functions. How metabolic status regulates macrophage polarization remains not well understood, and ...