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    • Chandra Study of an Overdensity of X-Ray Sources around Two Distant (z ~ 0.5) Clusters 

      Cappi, M.; Mazzotta, P.; Elvis, Martin S.; Burke, D. J.; Comastri, A.; Fiore, F.; Forman, William R.; Fruscione, Antonella; Green, P.; Harris, D.; Hooper, E. J.; Jones, C.; Kaastra, J. S.; Kellogg, E.; Murray, S.; McNamara, Brian David; Nicastro, F.; Ponman, T. J.; Schlegel, E. M.; Siemiginowska, Aneta L.; Tananbaum, Harvey D.; Vikhlinin, Alexey A.; Virani, S.; Wilkes, Belinda Jane (IOP Publishing, 2001)
      We present results from a Chandra X-Ray Observatory study of the field X-ray source populations in four different observations: two high-redshift (z ~ 0.5) clusters of galaxies 3C 295 and RX J003033.2+261819; and two ...