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    • Absolute quantification of somatic DNA alterations in human cancer 

      Carter, Scott L.; Cibulskis, Kristian; Helman, Elena; McKenna, Aaron; Shen, Hui; Zack, Travis; Laird, Peter W.; Onofrio, Robert C.; Winckler, Wendy; Weir, Barbara A.; Beroukhim, Rameen; Pellman, David; Levine, Douglas A.; Lander, Eric S.; Meyerson, Matthew; Getz, Gad (2015)
      We developed a computational method (ABSOLUTE) that infers tumor purity and malignant cell ploidy directly from analysis of somatic DNA alterations. ABSOLUTE can detect subclonal heterogeneity, somatic homozygosity, and ...
    • The genomic landscape and evolution of endometrial carcinoma progression and abdominopelvic metastasis 

      Gibson, William J.; Hoivik, Erling A.; Halle, Mari K.; Taylor-Weiner, Amaro; Cherniack, Andrew D.; Berg, Anna; Holst, Frederik; Zack, Travis I.; Werner, Henrica M. J.; Staby, Kjersti M.; Rosenberg, Mara; Stefansson, Ingunn M.; Kusonmano, Kanthida; Chevalier, Aaron; Mauland, Karen K.; Trovik, Jone; Krakstad, Camilla; Giannakis, Marios; Hodis, Eran; Woie, Kathrine; Bjorge, Line; Vintermyr, Olav K.; Wala, Jeremiah A.; Lawrence, Michael S.; Getz, Gad; Carter, Scott L.; Beroukhim, Rameen; Salvesen, Helga B. (2016)
      Recent studies have detailed the genomic landscape of primary endometrial cancers, but their evolution into metastases has not been characterized. We performed whole-exome sequencing of 98 tumor biopsies including complex ...
    • Identification of a pan-cancer oncogenic microRNA superfamily anchored by a central core seed motif 

      Hamilton, Mark P.; Rajapakshe, Kimal; Hartig, Sean M.; Reva, Boris; McLellan, Michael D.; Kandoth, Cyriac; Ding, Li; Zack, Travis I.; Gunaratne, Preethi H.; Wheeler, David A.; Coarfa, Cristian; McGuire, Sean E. (Nature Pub. Group, 2013)
      MicroRNAs modulate tumorigenesis through suppression of specific genes. As many tumour types rely on overlapping oncogenic pathways, a core set of microRNAs may exist, which consistently drives or suppresses tumorigenesis ...