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    • Comprehensive confocal endomicroscopy of the esophagus in vivo 

      Kang, Dongkyun; Schlachter, Simon C.; Carruth, Robert W.; Kim, Minkyu; Wu, Tao; Tabatabaei, Nima; Vacas-Jacques, Paulino; Shishkov, Milen; Woods, Kevin; Sauk, Jenny S.; Leung, John; Nishioka, Norman S.; Tearney, Guillermo J. (© Georg Thieme Verlag KG, 2014)
      Background and study aims: Biopsy sampling error can be a problem for the diagnosis of certain gastrointestinal tract diseases. Spectrally-encoded confocal microscopy (SECM) is a high-speed reflectance confocal microscopy ...