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    • Creating Patient-Specific Neural Cells for the In Vitro Study of Brain Disorders 

      Brennand, Kristen J.; Marchetto, M. Carol; Benvenisty, Nissim; Brüstle, Oliver; Ebert, Allison; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos; Kaykas, Ajamete; Lancaster, Madeline A.; Livesey, Frederick J.; McConnell, Michael J.; McKay, Ronald D.; Morrow, Eric M.; Muotri, Alysson R.; Panchision, David M.; Rubin, Lee L.; Sawa, Akira; Soldner, Frank; Song, Hongjun; Studer, Lorenz; Temple, Sally; Vaccarino, Flora M.; Wu, Jun; Vanderhaeghen, Pierre; Gage, Fred H.; Jaenisch, Rudolf (Elsevier, 2015)
      Summary As a group, we met to discuss the current challenges for creating meaningful patient-specific in vitro models to study brain disorders. Although the convergence of findings between laboratories and patient cohorts ...