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    • Characterizing genomic alterations in cancer by complementary functional associations 

      Kim, J. W.; Botvinnik, O. B.; Abudayyeh, O.; Birger, C.; Rosenbluh, J.; Shrestha, Y.; Abazeed, M. E.; Hammerman, P. S.; DiCara, D.; Konieczkowski, D. J.; Johannessen, C. M.; Liberzon, A.; Alizad-Rahvar, A. R.; Alexe, G.; Aguirre, A.; Ghandi, M.; Greulich, H.; Vazquez, F.; Weir, B. A.; Van Allen, E. M.; Tsherniak, A.; Shao, D. D.; Zack, T. I.; Noble, M.; Getz, G.; Beroukhim, R.; Garraway, L. A.; Ardakani, M.; Romualdi, C.; Sales, G.; Barbie, D. A.; Boehm, J. S.; Hahn, W. C.; Mesirov, J. P.; Tamayo, P. (2016)
      Systematic efforts to sequence the cancer genome have identified large numbers of relevant mutations and copy number alterations in human cancers; however, elucidating their functional consequences, and their interactions ...