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    • Correlating chemical sensitivity and basal gene expression reveals mechanism of action 

      Rees, Matthew G; Seashore-Ludlow, Brinton; Cheah, Jaime H; Adams, Drew J; Price, Edmund V; Gill, Shubhroz; Javaid, Sarah; Coletti, Matthew E; Jones, Victor Victor; Bodycombe, Nicole E; Soule, Christian K; Alexander, Benjamin; Li, Ava; Montgomery, Philip; Kotz, Joanne D; Hon, C Suk-Yee; Munoz, Benito; Liefeld, Ted; Dancík, Vlado; Haber, Daniel A; Clish, Clary B; Bittker, Joshua A; Palmer, Michelle; Wagner, Bridget K; Clemons, Paul A; Shamji, Alykhan Farid; Schreiber, Stuart L. (Springer Nature, 2015)
      Changes in cellular gene expression in response to small-molecule or genetic perturbations have yielded signatures that can connect unknown mechanisms of action (MoA) to ones previously established. We hypothesized that ...