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    • Ancient Impact and Aqueous Processes at Endeavour Crater, Mars 

      Knoll, Andrew Herbert; Squyres, S. W.; Arvidson, R. E.; Bell, J. F., III; Calef, F., III; Clark, B. C.; Cohen, B. A.; Crumpler, L. A.; de Souza, P. A., Jr.; Farrand, W. H.; Gellert, R.; Grant, J.; Hurowitz, J. A.; Herkenhoff, K. E.; Johnson, J. R.; Jolliff, B. L.; Li, R.; McLennan, S. M.; Ming, D. W.; Mittlefehldt, D. W.; Parker, T. J.; Paulsen, G.; Rice, M. S.; Ruff, S. W.; Schröder, C.; Yen, A. S.; Zacny, K. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2012)
      The rover Opportunity has investigated the rim of Endeavour Crater, a large ancient impact crater on Mars. Basaltic breccias produced by the impact form the rim deposits, with stratigraphy similar to that observed at ...