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    • GeNets: A unified web platform for network-based analyses of genomic data 

      Li, Taibo; Kim, April; Rosenbluh, Joseph; Horn, Heiko; Greenfeld, Liraz; An, David; Zimmer, Andrew; Liberzon, Arthur; Bistline, Jon; Natoli, Ted; Li, Yang; Tsherniak, Aviad; Narayan, Rajiv; Subramanian, Aravind; Liefeld, Ted; Wong, Bang; Thompson, Dawn; Calvo, Sarah; Carr, Steve; Boehm, Jesse; Jaffe, Jake; Mesirov, Jill; Hacohen, Nir; Regev, Aviv; Lage, Kasper
    • Nanowire-Mediated Delivery Enables Functional Interrogation of Primary Immune Cells: Application to the Analysis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 

      Shalek, Alexander Kann; Gaublomme, Jellert Thomas; Wang, Lili; Yosef, Nir; Chevrier, Nicolas; Andersen, Mette S.; Robinson, Jacob T.; Pochet, Nathalie; Neuberg, Donna S.; Gertner, Rona S.; Amit, Ido; Brown, Jennifer Ruth; Hacohen, Nir; Regev, Aviv; Wu, Cathy Ju-Ying; Park, Hongkun (American ChemicalSociety, 2012)
      A circuit level understanding of immune cells and hematological cancers has been severely impeded by a lack of techniques that enable intracellular perturbation without significantly altering cell viability and function. ...
    • Single cell RNA Seq reveals dynamic paracrine control of cellular variation 

      Shalek, Alex K.; Satija, Rahul; Shuga, Joe; Trombetta, John J.; Gennert, Dave; Lu, Diana; Chen, Peilin; Gertner, Rona S.; Gaublomme, Jellert T.; Yosef, Nir; Schwartz, Schraga; Fowler, Brian; Weaver, Suzanne; Wang, Jing; Wang, Xiaohui; Ding, Ruihua; Raychowdhury, Raktima; Friedman, Nir; Hacohen, Nir; Park, Hongkun; May, Andrew P.; Regev, Aviv (2014)
      High-throughput single-cell transcriptomics offers an unbiased approach for understanding the extent, basis, and function of gene expression variation between seemingly identical cells. Here, we sequence single-cell RNA-Seq ...
    • Single-cell transcriptomics reveals bimodality in expression and splicing in immune cells 

      Shalek, Alex K.; Satija, Rahul; Adiconis, Xian; Gertner, Rona S.; Gaublomme, Jellert T.; Raychowdhury, Raktima; Schwartz, Schragi; Yosef, Nir; Malboeuf, Christine; Lu, Diana; Trombetta, John T.; Gennert, Dave; Gnirke, Andreas; Goren, Alon; Hacohen, Nir; Levin, Joshua Z.; Park, Hongkun; Regev, Aviv (2013)
      Recent molecular studies have revealed that, even when derived from a seemingly homogenous population, individual cells can exhibit substantial differences in gene expression, protein levels, and phenotypic output1–5, with ...