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    • A Complexity-of-Strategic-Behavior Comparison Between Schulze's Rule and Ranked Pairs 

      Parkes, David C.; Xia, Lirong (American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2012)
      Schulze's rule and ranked pairs are two Condorcet methods that both satisfy many natural axiomatic properties. Schulze's rule is used in the elections of many organizations, including the Wikimedia Foundation, the Pirate ...
    • Random Utility Theory for Social Choice 

      Parkes, David C.; Soufiani, Houssein Azari; Xia, Lirong (Curran Associates, Inc., 2012)
      Random utility theory models an agent's preferences on alternatives by drawing a real-valued score on each alternative (typically independently) from a parameterized distribution, and then ranking the alternatives according ...