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    • Absolute Properties of the Low-Mass Eclipsing Binary CM Draconis 

      Morales, Juan Carlos; Ribas, Ignasi; Jordi, Carme; Torres, Guillermo; Gallardo, Jose; Guinan, Edward F.; Charbonneau, David; Wolf, Marek; Latham, David W.; Anglada-Escude, Guillem; Bradstreet, David H.; Everett, Mark E.; O'Donovan, Francis T.; Mandushev, Georgi; Mathieu, Robert D. (Institute of Physics, 2009)
      Spectroscopic and eclipsing binary systems offer the best means for determining accurate physical properties of stars, including their masses and radii. The data available for low-mass stars have yielded firm evidence that ...
    • A New Spectroscopic and Photometric Analysis of the Transiting Planet Systems TrES-3 and TrES-4 

      Sozzetti, Alessandro; Torres, Guillermo; Charbonneau, David; Winn, Joshua N.; Korzennik, Sylvain G.; Holman, Matthew J.; Latham, David W.; Laird, John B.; Fernandez, Jose; O'Donovan, Francis T.; Mandushev, Georgi; Dunham, Edward; Everett, Mark E.; Esquerdo, Gilbert A.; Rabus, Markus; Belmonte, Juan A.; Deeg, Hans J.; Brown, Timothy N.; Hidas, Marton G.; Baliber, Nairn (Institute of Physics, 2009)
      We report new spectroscopic and photometric observations of the parent stars of the recently discovered transiting planets TrES-3 and TrES-4. A detailed abundance analysis based on high-resolution spectra yields [Fe/H] = ...