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    • A multi-scale map of cell structure fusing protein images and interactions 

      Qin, Yue; Huttlin, Edward; Winsnes, Casper F.; Gosztyla, Maya L.; Wacheul, Ludivine; Kelly, Marcus R.; Blue, Steven M.; Zheng, Fan; Chen, Michael; Schaffer, Leah V.; Licon, Katherine; Bäckström, Anna; Vaites, Laura Pontano; Lee, John J.; Ouyang, Wei; Liu, Sophie N.; Zhang, Tian; Silva, Erica; Park, Jisoo; Pitea, Adriana; Kreisberg, Jason F.; Gygi, Steven P.; Ma, Jianzhu; Harper, J. Wade; Yeo, Gene W.; Lafontaine, Denis L. J.; Lundberg, Emma; Ideker, Trey (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021-11-24)
      The eukaryotic cell is a multi-scale structure with modular organization across at least four orders of magnitude<jats:sup>1,2</jats:sup>. Two central approaches for mapping this structure – protein fluorescent imaging and ...