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    • Optomechanical Transducers for Long-Distance Quantum Communication 

      Stannigel, Kai; Rabl, Peter; Sørensen, Anders S.; Zoller, Peter; Lukin, Mikhail D. (American Physical Society, 2010)
      We describe a new scheme to interconvert stationary and photonic qubits which is based on indirect qubit-light interactions mediated by a mechanical resonator. This approach does not rely on the specific optical response ...
    • Theory of Cavity-Assisted Microwave Cooling of Polar Molecules 

      Wallquist, Margareta; Rabl, Peter; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Zoller, Peter (Institute of Physics, 2008)
      We analyze cavity-assisted cooling schemes for polar molecules in the microwave domain, where molecules are excited on a rotational transition and energy is dissipated via strong interactions with a lossy stripline cavity, ...