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    • Modeling pain in vitro using nociceptor neurons reprogrammed from fibroblasts 

      Wainger, Brian J.; Buttermore, Elizabeth D.; Oliveira, Julia T.; Mellin, Cassidy; Lee, Seungkyu; Saber, Wardiya Afshar; Wang, Amy; Ichida, Justin K.; Chiu, Isaac M.; Barrett, Lee; Huebner, Eric A.; Bilgin, Canan; Tsujimoto, Naomi; Brenneis, Christian; Kapur, Kush; Rubin, Lee L.; Eggan, Kevin; Woolf, Clifford J. (2015)
      Reprogramming somatic cells from one cell fate to another can generate specific neurons suitable for disease modeling. To maximize the utility of patient-derived neurons, they must model not only disease-relevant cell ...